Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law

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2,503 Responses to Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law

  1. Kay says:

    The Prime Law as it stands is flawed. Yes, I said flawed!!
    It needs another clause. What political meat-heads can make a law they can also cancel that law. The majority of the people voting for something does’t mean squat to lawyers and politicians.

    I use the example of Idaho. We the people voted with a large majority, two different elections for TWO TERM LIMITS. Both times the meatheads in Boise over turned them saying “There aren’t enough qualified people that could replace them”.

    Therefore, another clause, something like this needs to be added. “Any person, group, or party that makes a motion to alter the prime law in any way SHALL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND BE BARRED FROM RE-ELECTION.
    This would prevent “SLICK WILLY TYPES” from changing or repealing the law.

  2. Ray P. says:

    The abusive taxation process does not create value for the average person. Polititian are like parisite to society.The prime law it’s the separation where Man produces value by using the Friday night essence.The more politicians the greater chance for businesses to thrive.

  3. G.T. says:

    power should to have it the people and not the politicians robbers.

  4. Joe says:

    The only way to have a government that protects the people and to not initiate force against them would be to have it not tax people. Taxation is extortion, theft by threat of violence. If you end taxation, you end the state. Doesn’t mean you end protection though. That can be done on the private market for far less money and in a far better way than by the government. We already have examples of this happening.

  5. Metty says:

    I find it very good as I do believe we have in our hearts to do good. But one thing I heard you mentioned the legal word.
    I have a hard time with that word as for one thing I believe they would not have that word back in those days
    All things legality is not reality and based ob fiction The government word also means control mind.
    Government should move as I cannot see them as any good at all if you look at the past all seemed to fall into the trap of all out control and lies and deceit.

  6. London McC. says:

    True Have The Books & I Agree you can see what Mark is saying Just by Seen the News & How Our Government & Society has became Over Run by Dishonest & Money Hungry People are are only about themselves & yet never seem to try to help or find ways to help the Entire nation Poor & wealthy .

  7. Henry K. says:

    Henry K. ~ member # M005305039 Author of COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES and, PHILOSOPHERS STONE -about the white powder of gold to increase intelligence and enable mankind to live a thousand years. It contains 6 recipes to make it. Kept secret for 3000 years..After watching Elon Musk talk about his new battery factory near Reno I got the idea for a portable solar electric power unit capable of delivering 4000 watts. ~ Enough to power a house, car or your electric airplane. Reduces carbon emissions and puts power companies out of business.

  8. Robert H. says:

    The essence of business is to build wealth through creating and elevating values. This division of essence divides businesses into entrepreneurial-like wealth-building jobs which thrive on creativity. Also this shows that tomorrow’s employees would have their own in-house entrepreneurs’ small companies to build profits and values, in which as a result. Employees will eventually share in the profits with larger companies. As these future employees turn on their minds, they will leave behind their bicameral behavioral patterns of the set routine ruts and enter the new mentality of creating new knowledge that in which Mark Hamilton calls Neo-think.

  9. Simon P. says:

    This has been very helpful to me, thanks a bunch!!!!

  10. Alex A says:

    Great concept! It’s right on track, better than our system today of corporate greed and corrupt bankers!

  11. Ramon G. says:

    Politicians sold out futures for short-term re-election gimmicks. The parasitical – Elite Class, the parasitical – Power Elite.Politicians are Professional Parasites and value destroying with their bureaucratic agents of force. Parasitical RULERS. We don’t need DEFENSE, WE NEED PROTECTION only by the Prime Law.

  12. Ramon G. says:

    The rule of man only requires initiatory force.

  13. Edith S. says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Listen to his whole video…it is worth it! I love you Mark Hamilton!!!

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