Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law

Listen To This Video To Understand Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law
Mark Hamilton








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2,503 Responses to Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law

  1. E.M. says:

    Its easy to see the corruption of man through his greed and ego when 2 percent of the population own 97 percent of the wealth.. I agree things need to change and I do like The Prime Law I think its right on the money..

  2. Ramon G. says:

    This video is undercutting the entire 3000 – year support structure for dishonest and parasitically feeds on the destruction of values. Also, without initiatory force, dishonest people, everyone, could be producing values for others and society.
    It’s so simple. The PRIME LAW protect the people from initiatory force, removing all EGOS and decision man.

  3. Ramon G. says:

    Note: Speeches and lies too.

  4. C.L. says:

    If someone violates the prime law, how do you enforce it with out some type of initiatory force?

  5. K.G. says:

    If someone violates the prime law, any force used in response to their actions will naturally be self-defense force..not initiatory force.

  6. Max F. says:

    With the two partys dividen us in two group to fall,with one party one law,the twelve vision,and the prime law will all rise and united.

  7. Gene W. says:

    Everyone’s business, this is!!!

  8. Ramon G. says:

    Ending 3000 year of purposeful deceptions promoted by government, religion, political entrepreneurs, and others parasites whose livelihoods are dependent upon deceiving the public.

  9. Gene W. says:

    Very relevant!

  10. Ramon G. says:

    Now is the time to ending 3000 year of purposeful deceptions promoted by
    government, religion, political entrepreneurs, and others parasites whose
    livelihoods are dependent upon deceiving the public.

  11. Ramon G. says:

    Thank you Bro. Gene, you know how important is ending 3000 year of purposeful deceptions promoted by government, religions, political entrepreneurs, and others parasitical whose livelihoods are dependent upon deceiving the public.

  12. Gene W says:

    Worthy of another share!

  13. Loren T. says:

    Not only has the rule of man existed in the governing body of all civilizations, it is also the major reason these civilizations eventually collapsed. Such a fate awaits us, unless we can eradicate in time that which nourishes our governing body: initiatory force — and that’s exactly what the Prime Law Amendment will do. So eloquently simple, so meaningfully profound.

  14. Mike E. says:

    How does the prime law eliminate the rule of man ? Those who own the means of production still rule those who don’t. The division of capital and labor still exist.

  15. Tsadi says:

    +Loren Taylor There is no justification for imposition upon the individual who possesses freedom by nature at the hands of others.
    There is no valid function of any system of government beyond preventing the impediment of the rights of the individual as they exist in nature.
    There certainly is no valid government which functions on the basis of what emotionally motivated persons are moved to do by their emotions, as opposed to truth and justice.

  16. Loren T. says:

    Well, don’t you?

  17. Loren T. says:

    You think it’s time we make all the people rich – including the poor?
    Loren T.

  18. Ivy H. says:

    I see you have been in the secret meetings with Mark Hamilton. I have
    already watched the meetings and I am on the membership service calls that
    you call when you need anything. Thanks for your email and support. Love
    you. Ivy

  19. Ramon G. says:

    Yes Loren !! This is the time to ending the Ruling Class, and make “all the people rich”.
    Ramon G.

  20. Loren T. says:

    To read and understand the Prime Law, and all of its ramifications, go to:
    Loren T.

  21. Loren T. says:

    Each day the world the world goes on without the Prime Law is, not only, another day we must endure an endless array of preventable individual cases of pain and suffering, but also another day the world’s population as a whole is put at greater risk of a possibly preventable extinction event. For example, a meteor strike by an asteroid is, not only, that potentially lethal, but also, is not an “if”, but a “when” event. Only humanity’s combined technological might – unhampered by the ruling class that continues to plague us – can we be assured that the best possible solution is found in time.
    Loren T.

  22. Altaf H. says:

    All must watch this video. I did many times.
    Altaf H.

  23. Loren T. says:

    The Prime Law is short, relatively easy to understand, and destined to be completely effective. Read it, understand it, memorize it. Help spread the word. The Prime Law is the game changer! Go to:
    Loren T.

  24. Mars W. says:

    Great info, Mark!
    Mars W.

  25. Gene W. says:

    The ruling-class, elitists will attempt to control your decisions, through the media and the movie industry, etc… unplug and buy this information …it’ll change your life forever! It has mine!
    Gene W.

  26. Frank E. D'A. says:

    The Prime Law once amended to the constitution also filters and removes the millions of law’s that have nothing to do with protection,can you imagine what “THE PRIME LAW” would do to this NATION.For start’s we would have the happiest people that this planet has ever seen.
    Frank E. D’A.

  27. P.S. says:

    Best way to put it 🙂

  28. Isaac says:

    “You have the freedom to choose,BUT only the right choice gives you your freedom.”
    God bless 🙂

  29. Patty C. says:

    Thank you! Love Patty

  30. A.A. says:

    How can one not believe their purpose in life is to prosper? What would happen if a plant or animal living in the forest doesn’t make it on its own? It dies. We were each given enough of nature, and, with the largest brain–one that can solve — we can make it without rulers making rules against us. Rulers take from others, and generally do it through force, so what is right about that? Is it not stealing to take from one and give to another? Does one take from a neighbor’s home?

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